belly laughs


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I am grateful for the weekends where my husband and I get to spend some good quality time together. Over the course of our relationship, that wasn’t always the case. We dated long distance for the first four years of our relationship. Time was precious in the days where the time we spent together was limited to a handful of days out of every few months that we were actually able to occupy the same space. We talked on the phone almost every day for most of those four years. As time passed, it became more and more difficult to spend an unknown amount of time apart. We knew that if we were to last, we’d have to move to the same country. the same city. the same home.

Statistically, most long term relationships don’t survive as long as ours did, or ever materialize into something else. I am happy ours did. I remember when I first moved here that it felt like I was living in a dream that we could actually call the same place home. There was a long adjustment period for both of us, because it does require a certain amount of trust, and independence to make long distance work. Coming together under the same roof had it’s challenges. I think we had an advantage – because so much of our relationship was already based in communication in order for us to have lasted for four years, we were alreay able to talk things through.

I love the photo above. I found it on the internet a few months ago. Laughter and a good nap can do wonders for one’s mood. I slept really well last night, and the night before, and that for me lately has been a rare treat. I was lounging on our bed in the early afternoon today reading a book and my husband came in, lay down on the bed, but in an awkward way, his head pressed into my soft belly. He had his neck bent at a weird angle that couldn’t possibly be comfortable. he was being a goof. I couldn’t help but laugh, a good whole-hearted belly laugh. this continued on for a while, with us making each other laugh. those moments don’t always seem to happen very often. we get busy. tired. cranky. when they do, I cherish them. it connects me back to why I fell in love with this great man.


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