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Good read and a cuppa chai



Today is the first day In a few months that I was out of bed before 7am. I went to teach a weaving workshop to that group of homeschoolers. Had a great day with them, palling around in the snow and laughing. Feels good to be home now, relaxing. Unwinding. About to read more of my book and drink my chai latte, fresh from my French press.


today i feel. . . .


accomplished. I did a lot of cooking and cleaning and still managed time for me to lay on my couch and knit and listen to the ice and snow melt outside of my window. drip, drip, drip is the conversation between the icicles and the flashing on my windows. at first, it drove me crazy, but after a while I came to find it soothing. drip, drip, drip and the rhythymic clicking of my knitting needles as I blaze through my Christmas gift giving list.

thinking about gifts from the heart, and how handmade should really be called heartmade. stitching in intentions, hopes, dreams and well wishes. I love that about handmade gifts.

what is the most memorable handmade gift you have ever received?