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Most days I love technology


but some days I hate it. I’m sure everyone can relate, right? I got home from NYC on October 23rd, fairly late at night (11:30 ish). I’m 32 and married. I’m hardly ever out at that time. Long gone are the days when I would go out dancing with friends and arrive home to watch the sun rise.

There was almost an hour delay to even leave the ground from LaGuardia Airport, so that meant delays everywhere, even though my flight only arrived, if I am remembering correctly, 20 minutes late. (I choose not to think of the pilots as speeding, and instead pressing the red button on the airplane that says “warp speed!”,  hey, don’t burst my bubble.) Because airport food is not healthy and expensive, and not really ever filling, I was ravenous by the time I arrived home. My family (a loving husband, and a dog and two cats) were all thrilled I was home and each respectively looking for cuddles and I was just like my dog is most of the time “food? food? where is the food?” I ate, loved up my family and then went to bed.  The 24th was a wash, I guess you could call it jet lag from all the excitement I had in New York. I spent most of the day sleeping and bonding with my bed (it missed me!) and doing laundry.  There is nothing that says a vacation has ended more clearly then emptying out all of your luggage.  The experience is usually bittersweet for me, but it was actually fun, because I got to look at all the loot I brought home! I bought a second spinning wheel, a fair bit of lovely yarn, and some other stuff, and I also made two meditation cushions!  I was all set to set it up, photograph it, and blog about it and then a little more than a week ago, our home internet went down. It was down for almost a week! (read: 6 days). We all know how much it stinks to be without power. You realize all the things you wish you could do, but can’t, without it. I’ll watch tv. No you won’t (that’s the power talking). I’ll play on my computer. No you won’t. I’ll open the fridge and contemplate all of my food choices. Not if you want any of the food in your fridge to have a chance at staying edible. Try having an electric stove! Good luck preparing food that you don’t need to heat up in some way, sucka! (that’s the stove talking, in case you were wondering). That was one of the things I had to adjust to when I moved here. The electric stove business. Standard in most homes (houses, apartments, etc) in New York City is a gas stove. They are beautiful things. You can cook food over varying degrees of warmth. Food cooks pretty fast if you want it to, and food cooks evenly too. And yes,you can even cook when your power goes out, provided you very carefully light the pilot light again. Electric stoves on the other hand, in my opinion, are of Satan’s creation. They have two temperatures: “barely hot” and “i’ll melt your pan and burn your food”. With enough patience, you can tame the beast, unless you have no power, in which case, no such luck.

Not having internet at home is quite similar, in that you realize all the things you wish you could do, but can’t. For example, when your internet provider is receiving a higher than usual call volume, and then tell you that you can e-mail them for tech support. D’oh. I would’ve emailed if I had internet l, and if I had internet, there wouldn’t have been anything to e-mail them about! (you get bonus points if you can follow along with my jack sparrow logic right there.)

Still following? I will post pictures of my loot from NYC soon (hopefully tomorrow). So when November came into the picture,  I was seduced by Nanowrimo. For those of you who do not know what Nanowrimo is, it’s fabulous! it stands for NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth. It’s free to join, and there is no prize, and ultimately it’s a whole bunch of nutty people who have this insane idea that they will each write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Last year, I got bored somewhere around 27,000 words, and just couldn’t bring myself to write anymore. I hated my characters and wanted to delight in killing them off, one by one, but it wasn’t that kind of story.the story this year is a blend of genres, sci-fi, horror/adventure, dystopian society/post-apocalyptic world, more on that another day. This year, because of the whole having-to-fight-daily-with-my-internet provider, I fell behind. I am however determined to catch up again. In writing my book, and also, in writing blog posts, friends.

In the time without internet, I managed to get a lot of things done. Cooking, cleaning, (some) writing. and even some knitting. Since my internet has been back, I want to hugs it, and loves it, aaand and, well, anyone who has been without internet at home, understands the excitement once service is restored. It’s like a happy child on Christmas morning!

It’s kind of weird to think that in my lifetime thus far, the internet was a)created from nothing (I’m convinced some wizard magic is at play here) and b) holds more information (admittedly, some true, some bogus) that it would take several lifetimes to sift through. When I’m bored with food, I go to the trusty internet to look up new and exciting recipes. When I have pretty new yarn and need a pattern, to the internet I go! Seeing as I live in Canada (which according to Robin Williams is the loft above the party), it is also how I keep in touch with old friends and distant family. It is also a great tool of procrastination, as I have spent many hours on pinterest, tumblr and other social media sites, stumbleupon, youtube, and yes, even to look at pictures of cats, funny things, and all sorts of fails. In this regard, the internet can be a giant black hole of time suck. I can’t be the only one who says “hey, I’ll go on the internet for an hour and research {fill in the blank} and then goes oh my gosh how is it 2 am?” Although I can’t say I’m complaining. I am a night owl, through and through. I have always been that way.

Funny how the internet and technology has both simplified and complicated our lives.  I have been searching the internet far and wide for a while now, looking for a blog-reader since when I bookmark blogs, I  look at them for a while, and then, sadly, that’s where the link love goes to die. So, a blog reader, I am hoping, will allow me to look at all of the blogs I want to read up on, without having a “blogs I follow” list on here that is a mile and a half long. I tried a few apps and either didn’t find their interface user-friendly, they didn’t work properly or they just weren’t laid out in such a way I could see myself happily using them regularly. Then, very recently, I discovered Bloglovin’. Simple design. Easy to use. Free. I’m sold. I will still at some point, list a blog roll on here, but if you too have been looking for a blog reader, check out Bloglovin’. I haven’t received any compensation for plugging them. I am just sharing the love for an app.

aaand, that’s all folks, (till manana) peace out!